Monday, January 23, 2017

Guest Post - Herman Najoli and Kenya Trip

I’m honored to have the opportunity to share a testimony regarding the Kenya 2016 Mission trip that you lifted in prayer for many months on my behalf. Many thanks to all who prayed and gave financially. May the Lord richly bless you.

For a foundation passage, I want to start with Psalm 22:22:

I will praise you to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done.

Things to think about:
·  Share some wonderful things that did God do in your life this past holiday season.
·  Discuss the role that a testimony plays in your walk with God and in the life of a brotherhood and/or congregation.
·  I want to share my wonderful things in a seven-point format:
o  WHAT did happen: Kenya 2016 Mission
o  WHERE did it happen: Wamage Village
o  WHEN did it happen: Nov. 21 to Dec. 30
o  HOW did it happen: The Soccer Tournament
o  WHO was involved: A Team of Missionaries
o  WHY was it necessary: Life Change
o  WHOSE life was changed: Groups and Individuals
·   Rudyard Kipling, in his ‘Just So Stories’ said, “I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who”.
·   Well, I went the extra smile and found a seventh servant J!
·  WHAT did happen: Kenya 2016 Mission
o   Since coming to the US in August 2001, I have traveled back to Kenya eleven -11- times (2002, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010 - twice, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016).
o   Many of these have been personal trips but I have incorporated faith-based ‘Christian-mission’ in my visits.
o  What is Christian mission?

·  WHERE did it happen: Wamage Village
o   Wamage is a small village in Viyalo sub-location (population 3,200; area 3 sq. km), which is part of Vihiga County (the world’s most crowded rural locality) inhabited by the Maragoli sub-tribe, one of 18 sub-tribes of the Luyia people in Western Kenya. Why Wamage?
o  A fire breaks out in the village - the Power of Collectivism
o  How would you respond to a fire in your neighborhood?
§ Why are relationships critical in an individualistic society?

·  WHEN did it happen: Nov. 21 to Dec. 30
o  Nov 21-23: Travel to Kenya
o  Nov. 24 - 26: Thanksgiving in Nairobi city?
o  Nov 28 – Transporting suitcases from city to village
o  Dec 3-10 – Recruiting, Practice, and Teaching
o  Dec. 12 - Fire in the village - the Power of Collectivism
o  Dec. 13-17 – Soccer Tournament – the Power of Relationships
o  Dec 18-25 – Christmas Festivities
o  Dec 26 – Travel back to Nairobi
o  Dec. 28-30: Travel back to the US
o  Question: What role does timing play in missionary work?

·  HOW did it happen: The Soccer Tournament
o  Boys under 12 – Wamage United Blue: Cultivating teachability
o  Boys under 15 – Wamage United Red: Enhancing talent/gifts
o  Neighboring village – Lunyerere Grey: Developing compassion
o  Girls – Starlets Blue and Starlets White: Empowering equality
o  Youth - Neighboring Vigege village boys: Encouraging inclusion
o  Youth – Neighboring Bethefage village boys: Inspiring outreach
o  Youth - Wamage Stars Green (team B): Building solid character
o  Youth - Wamage Stars Orange (team A): Modeling vision
o  Security, Referees, Linesmen, Fans – Practicing responsibility

·  WHO was involved: A Team of Missionaries (Phil. 2:13)
o   David M. at Kings Hammer in Wilder – 21 boxes of t-shirts
o   Rex O. and Play-it-Again Sports, Oakley – Kenya Relief Box
o   Mark K. at Cincinnati United Soccer Club – Soccer equipment
o   St. William School in West Price Hill – Penny Wars
o   Tuesday Morning Kroger Group – Prayers and Giving
o   Neighbors and Friends – In-kind/Financial donations
o   Others? Wife, Children, Mom, Sister, and Relatives in Kenya

·  WHY was it necessary: Life Change through Soccer Ministry
o  Jesus IS the life changer – Phil. 2:13!
o  Why does he change lives: John 10:10 – Abundant Life
o  The Three Enemy Tactics: Steal, Kill, Destroy
o  The Three Soccer Tactics: Protect, Birth, Develop
o  Abundant Village Life as the Mission of Our Savior

·  WHOSE life was changed: Impact on Individual Lives
o  Tournament participants!
o  Broad groups of villagers.  
o  Individual village residents.

·  Takeaway:
o   What is your mission, Who is your mission, Where is your mission field, When is your mission, Why are you on mission, How do you live as a missionary, Whose life are you changing?

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