Monday, August 29, 2022

Living Life in 4D


A few years ago, TV manufacturers were pushing 3D as the latest technology you had to have but it never really caught on.  Wearing funny glasses and getting a little woozy just didn’t seem to be that popular of an idea 😊.  As usual, God has a bigger and better idea, living our lives in the 4D of Christ’s love.  Let’s look at these four dimensions individually and how they fill us to the measure us of all the fullness of God.


Ephesians 3:18 - to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ


Things to think about:

·       Wide – this covers every facet of our lives, not just the narrow parts we might think of with religion or that we’re comfortable letting God have a say in.  Think too of when you hold your arms out to show how wide something is, you are reaching beyond yourself and touching the lives of others.

o   Are there areas of your life that are easier or harder to accept Christ’s love?

·       Long – Christ’s love for us runs the entire length of our lives.  It isn’t for short periods when we are “feeling it” or a phase we go through.  It also shouldn’t run out as we get older that might lead to us to not finishing as well as we could have.

o   How can we stay in His love so that we do not falter and stumble?

·       High – Christ’s love for us reaches high into the heavenlies where the glory of God resides. It is here where things so unspeakably beautiful are that Jesus showers us with.

o   Paul prays that we might have the power to grasp the four dimensions of Christ’s love for us and this one may be the toughest one to take hold of (at least it is for me) since it deals with the infinite nature of God.

o   Which of God’s qualities are the most mind-blowing for you?

·       Deep – Christ’s love goes deep into our inner being where our true selves are, deeper than we even understand about ourselves

o   The human heart is deceitful above all things, who can understand it?  We don’t even understand ourselves, but our Creator does (and loves us anyway)

o   What are qualities you have He has shown you over time that you were unaware of before? These don’t have to necessarily be bad things!

The passage goes on to say that this love surpasses knowledge.  It is not a thing to be figured out, rather something to be transformed by, to be filled to the measure of all of the fullness of God.

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